Company Description

Smart1st SAL is a privately held corporation providing cloud-based smart solutions that are flexible, efficient, secure, reliable, and cost-effective. Our solutions aim at serving a broad range of industries, with a specialization in education sector and safety of students. Smart1st is led by a highly qualified, multidisciplinary management team leveraging over twenty years of experience in telecommunications, IT infrastructure, project management, and marketing.

Smart1st SAL is specialized in mobile smart solutions for peoples’ safety and operations’ efficiency, in particular in the fields of Transportation, Process Optimization and Education.

Established in 2014, Smart1st SAL is highly experienced and competent at implementing Hi-Tech solutions which involve vehicle and people tracking, automated communication platform with users, developing multiple algorithms for transportation operations and tablet based applications, and Smart Applications in the Education Sector for schools and parents.

Product & Services

The major value-added solution smart1st has implemented in Lebanon is “Safe Student” Service, a powerful and complete electronic platform that allows schools and carriers to assure the proper transportation environment for students, manage vehicle fleet, track students real time while being transported, and establish an advanced Mobile Communication Channel with users.